Habits that can ruin your skin

The agitation of the modern world often leads us to acquire certain habits that at one time can ruin our skin.

The ones presented below will help you determine how much you care about having a fresh and pleasant appearance:

The cigarette and liquor are fatal for the skin because the body loses oxygen and this causes the destruction of collagen. To avoid its harmful effects, we recommend you to take antioxidant vitamin C, eight glasses of water a day, citrus fruit juices and walk through places with abundant oxygen such as the forest and the sea. Do not forget that the dream is very important; therefore, sleep at least seven hours a day.

Using your hands to squeeze the pimples will only increase your problem. Avoid temptation, because a condition of this type does not take more than three days to disappear; On the other hand, if you pinch them they will last up to ten days, since when they are squeezed, the skin breaks and the infection spreads, running the risk of leaving spots. If the head of the shin has not yet come out, clean the entire surrounding area with alcohol first and press delicately with the fingertips wrapped in cotton. Never do it with nails, it could hurt the skin.

Never squeeze a deep stick with pus; it could leave marks and produce worse outbreaks. It is best to apply a little benzoic peroxide cream to dry it without problems. If you want to speed up the healing process, wash the affected area with mild soap and plenty of water. Then apply any of the acne medications.

While the sun is, on the one hand, the ally of our health, on the other it is the number one enemy of our skin, and especially of the face, but it is not about banishing it from its life, simply to prevent its damage .

Therefore, do not go outside without protection; Many bases include sunscreens. If you go to the beach use a sunscreen with sunscreen appropriate for your skin type and use it for as long as you are out of the water.

Doing things in excess is never advisable; for this reason, do not rub your face with too much force.

Use preferably water-based moisturizers and apply them only twice a day. The bustle of executive life, air travel and meetings in closed rooms also represent a risk to the health of your skin; that’s why it’s good to always have a moisturizer based on water with oil on hand. When you are able to do so, keep a moisturizer where it meets, or at least a jug of water. In case you do not like to drink pure water, you can drink fruit juices diluted in a large amount of water.

The acne outbreaks produced by stress or emotional stress cause the sebaceous glands to be stimulated, while the excess of adrenaline constricts the capillary vessels, hindering circulation. The emotional tension also produces rashes and promotes the appearance of wrinkles by forcing the lines of expression.

To combat these effects, massage by squeezing the temples and forehead with your hands and then loosening. You can also practice meditation or yoga techniques to relax the body and mind. Many makeup products contain ingredients that clog pores and produce pimples; to avoid them, make sure that the product to be used does not contain occlusive ingredients such as lanolin and cocoa butter.

To clean excessively the skin is equally counterproductive: rubbing and leaving the skin red thinking that this way they will eliminate pimples and pimples is a serious mistake, since this stretches it and produces fat in large quantities, in addition to scaly patches. Avoid this process by washing your face only twice a day with a cleanser or mild soap and pat dry with the towel, thus avoiding to take away its natural moisture. It is impossible to erase certain wrinkles by means of an exfoliator; If you try too hard, it is likely to hurt your skin. It is best to use a gentle exfoliator; This will do wonders to eliminate dead cells and impurities.

It is a common mistake to concentrate the cleaning on the central area of ​​the face, as if it were the only oil producer, and forget about the remaining areas; for this reason you can not leave aside the neck or the part of the forehead that is attached to the hair. To clean the area of ​​the forehead you can throw all the hair back and hold it with a bathing cap or band and avoid getting wet or clogging.

Adding more and more products to the beauty routine because aging is a very common and exaggerated practice. Each stage requires its own care; Therefore, it is not the quantity of elements that matters, but the choice of those that adapt to the diverse needs of your skin. Experts agree that the best product to prevent premature aging of the skin is a good sunscreen. If you are over 40 you should use a good cleansing cream, a moisturizer under makeup, a nourishing cream with vitamins A, E, C and collagen, a special product for the eye area and a cream for the neck, always having present what type of skin he has.

It is not necessary to use toning lotion more than once a day, since its function is limited only to removing the residues of cleansing cream. Using a complicated routine if you have sensitive skin is not correct. This type of skin does not need too complex products since some of its ingredients can contribute to irritate it.

You should not apply the sunscreen when you are already in the sun. This product works by adhering to the surface of the skin, where it forms a protective layer. If you use it when it is already exposed to the sun, the blocker will not stick and your skin will be unprotected. The correct thing is to apply it at least half an hour before exposing yourself to the sun’s rays.

As for your gestures, consider this pair of tips; do not wrinkle your nose or squeeze your eyes when you smile; This can encourage the appearance of wrinkles. Do not raise your eyebrows or frown when talking or gesturing; Keeping the face relaxed helps keep the skin smooth

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