5 juices to reduce centimeters from your waist

The detoxifying and digestive properties of some fruit and vegetable juices can help combat overweight to reduce waist centimeters. Combine them with a balanced diet and physical activity.

There is no miraculous formula with which you can reduce inches from your waist from night to morning; however, there are some natural juices that allow you to supplement the weight loss diet to achieve noticeable changes in less time.

While it is necessary to practice other healthy habits such as physical exercise, these drinks can be excellent allies to shape the body. Not only do they help eliminate toxins, but they also fight fluid retention and reduce inflammation .

In addition, thanks to their contributions of dietary fiber and antioxidants, they reduce the swelling that occurs due to slow digestions . Still do not know how to prepare them? Below we share in detail 5 interesting recipes.

Juices that help you reduce inches from your waist

The preparation of some fruit and vegetable juices allows to reduce centimeters of the waist without strict diets. Although it is essential to respect the concept of balanced diet, these recipes can be eaten between meals or, for example, during breakfast .

Unlike many slimming products on the market, they do not produce adverse effects and are a source of nutrients. Best of all, they are easy to make and can be taken every day of the week because they do not add too many calories . Try them!

  1. Pineapple, lemon and flaxseed juice

For its content of enzymes, vitamin C and amino acids, this delicious juice is ideal to promote weight loss and reduce inches from your waist. Its combination of ingredients improves digestion and decreases the accumulation of fluids in the body .


2 slices of pineapple

The juice of ½ lemon

1 tablespoon flax seeds (15 g)

1 glass of water (200 ml)


Chop the pineapple slices and put them in the blender with the lemon juice and flaxseed.

Next, add the glass of water and process at maximum speed.

Make sure you get a homogeneous drink and serve it instantly.

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  1. Juice of citrus fruits and spinach

Thanks to its depurative properties, this natural juice promotes the elimination of wastes retained in the colon. It also stimulates bowel movement and relieves inflammation caused by constipation .


1 grapefruit

3 oranges

1 slice of pineapple

5 spinach leaves


First, extra citrus juice.

Then, chop the pineapple and put all the ingredients in the blender.

Process for two minutes and serve it without straining.

  1. Green juice with aloe vera and cucumber

Fresh cucumber juice

When you want to reduce inches from your waist, healthy green juices should not be missing. In this case we recommend one with aloe vera and cucumber whose properties improve metabolism functions to burn fat effectively .


2 tablespoons of aloe vera gel (30 ml)

1 branch of parsley

½ cucumber

1 pinch of ground ginger

½ glass of water (100 ml)


Introduce all the ingredients in the blender and beat them for a few minutes.

Finally, after achieving a homogeneous drink, serve it and consume it immediately.

  1. Prune and oat juice

This wonderful digestive juice is a good support to combat constipation, overweight and inflammation. Due to its mild laxative effect, it improves intestinal movement and facilitates the elimination of waste. In turn, it minimizes inflammation and allows for a flatter stomach .


5 prunes

1 tablespoon of flax seeds (15 g)

1 glass of water (200 ml)

2 tablespoons of oatmeal (30 g)

1 spoonful of honey (25 g)


To start, put the plums in a bowl of boiling water to hydrate them.

When it takes about 10 or 15 minutes, put all the ingredients in the blender and beat for a few minutes.

Serve the juice without straining and drink it in the shortest possible time.

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  1. Melon and cucumber juice

Both melon and cucumber have diuretic properties that help combat fluid accumulation in tissues. This, in addition to its antioxidants, helps you reduce inches from the waist. In addition, they also help control cholesterol and protect the liver .


3 slices of melon

The juice of ½ lemon

1 cucumber

1 teaspoon fresh ginger (5 g)

½ glass of water (100 ml)


Chop the melon and cucumber, and process them in the blender with the lemon juice, ginger and half a glass of water.

Afterwards, pass it through a colander and serve it instantly.

Are you on a plan to lose weight? Be sure to try these delicious juices . As you can see, they are easy to prepare and have interesting benefits both to lose weight and to improve health.

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